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Visual studio - getting error "Metadata file 'XYZ' could not be found" after edit continue

I have stumbled into an issue that is really annoying.

When I debug my software, everything runs OK, but if I hit a breakpoint and edit the code, when I try to continue running I get an error:

Metadata file 'XYZ' could not be found

After looking around for a while, I found some a similar issues, but they were all regarding a build failure, which is not my case (this happens only after edit-continue).

What I have tried so far:

  • My code is compiling and running.

  • I cleaned the solution and restarted VS.

  • I made sure that the missing file's project is being build for the configuration I am running (in configuration manager).

  • I manually built the missing file's project.

Some extra info:

  • It does not matter what I change, still get the same error (the change is not related to the missing file).

  • This happens also when I pause and continue (not only breakpoints)

  • I am running the project using a custom configuration (configuration manager...). When I run it using the default
    configuration the error does not occur.

Any ideas?

Answer Source

Eventually what solved the issue was:

  1. Clean every project individually (Right click> Clean).
  2. Rebuild every project individually (Right click> Rebuild).
  3. Rebuild the startup project.

I guess for some reason, just cleaning the solution had a different effect than specifically cleaning every project individually.

As per @maplemale comment, It seems that sometimes removing and re-adding each reference is also required.

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