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Python Question

ConnectionException connecting a Eve REST API to a MongoDB instance

I just installed the 'eve demo' I can't get it to start working.

The error is: Error initializing the driver. Make sure the database serveris running. Driver exception: OperationFailure(u"command SON([('authenticate', 1), ('user', u'user'), ('nonce', u'cec66353cb35b6f5'), ('key', u'14817e596653376514b76248055e1d4f')]) failed: auth fails",)

I have mongoDB running, and I have installed Eve and Python2.7.

I create the and the required.

What is not working ? am I missing something ?

Answer Source

It looks like the MongoDB user/pw combo you configured in your has not been set at the db level. From the mongo shell type use <dbname>, then db.system.users.find() to get a list of authorized users for <dbname>. It is probably empty; add the user as needed (see the MongoDB docs).

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