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C# Question

Creating methods with infinite parameters?

In C# you can do this:

foo = string.Format("{0} {1} {2} {3} ...", "aa", "bb", "cc" ...);

This method
accepts infinite parameters, being the first one how the string should be formatted and the rest are values to be put in the string.

Today I've come to a situation where I had to get a set of strings and test them, then I remembered this language functionality, but I had no clue. After a few unsuccessful web searches, I've realised it would be more prudent to just get an array, which didn't make me quite satisfied.

Q: How do I make a function that accepts infinite parameters? And how do I use it ?

Answer Source

With the params keyword.

Here is an example:

    public int SumThemAll(params int[] numbers)
        return numbers.Sum();

    public void SumThemAllAndPrintInString(string s, params int[] numbers)
        Console.WriteLine(string.Format(s, SumThemAll(numbers)));

    public void MyFunction()
        int result = SumThemAll(2, 3, 4, 42);
        SumThemAllAndPrintInString("The result is: {0}", 1, 2, 3);

The code shows various things. First of all the argument with the params keyword must always be last (and there can be only one per function). Furthermore, you can call a function that takes a params argument in two ways. The first way is illustrated in the first line of MyFunction where each number is added as a single argument. However, it can also be called with an array as is illustrated in SumThemAllAndPrintInString which calls SumThemAll with the int[] called numbers.

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