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Angular.js "Controller as ..." + $scope.$on

If i'd like to use the "Controller as ..." syntax in Angular, how should I approach things like $scope.$on(...) that i need to put inside the controller?

I get an impression i could do it some other way than the one shown below.
Here, to get $scope.$on working i bind "this" to the callback function. I tried to invoke $on on "this" inside the controller but it didn't work.

Could you give me a hint here or if i'm completely messing up, could you point me to some right way to do it? Thanks.


.controller('MainCtrl', ['$scope', '$location', function ($scope, $location) {

this.whereAmINow = 'INDEX';

$scope.$on('$locationChangeStart', function(event) {

this.whereAmINow = $location.path();


this.jumpTo = function(where) { $location.path(where); }


<div ng-controller="MainCtrl as main">

<p>I am seeing the slide named: {{ main.whereAmINow }}</p>

<div ng-click="main.jumpTo('/slide1')">Slide 1</div>
<div ng-click="main.jumpTo('/slide2')">Slide 2</div>
<div ng-click="main.jumpTo('/slide3')">Slide 3</div>


Answer Source

As far as I know, you need to inject $scope if you want $scope watchers/methods. ControllerAs is just syntactic sugar to enable to see more clearly the structure of your nested controllers.

Three ideas though which may simplify your code.

  1. Use var vm = this, in order to get rid of the bind(this).

    var vm = this;
    vm.whereAmINow = "/";
    $scope.$on('$locationChangeStart', function(event) {
        vm.whereAmINow = $location.path();
    vm.jumpTo = function(where) {
  2. The whole whereamINow variable makes sense putting it into the initialization of app aka .run() (before config) since I assume it's a global variable and you don't need to use a $scope watcher/method for it.

  3. Another option is to use a factory to make the changes persist, so you simply create a location factory which holds the current active path.

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