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Pandas: multiple histograms of categorical data

I have the following dataframe:

Type Cat1 Cat2 Cat3
0 A 0.384000 0.393000 0.458000
1 B 0.603337 0.381470 0.299773
2 C 0.585797 0.452570 0.317607
3 D 0.324715 0.765212 0.717755

I want to produce three histograms, one for each "Cat". Each histogram must show the values for each "Type" (e.g., the categories) as x labels on the bottom histogram.

I have been trying to do this using
but to no avail:

ax=df.plot(kind='hist',subplots=True,layout=(3,1),title='My title',color='orange',grid=True,legend=False)

but I see that:

  1. The x axis does not show the four types, but just a bunch of numbers

  2. The y axis ranges from 0 to 4, while it must go from 0 to 1 (these are frequencies)

  3. Only one bar is shown in each subplot

What am I doing wrong?

The wrong painting:
enter image description here

Answer Source

you don't want a histogram, you just want a bar plot.

df.set_index('Type'), legend=False)

enter image description here

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