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jQuery Question

Populate Textbox with multiple values from DropDownList

I have:

@Html.EnumDropDownListFor(model => model.City, htmlAttributes: new { @class = "form-control", @id = "dropdownID" })

I want to populate a
from this
with multiple values separated by comma. I tried two things but I am kinda stuck right now.


$('#dropdownID').on('change', function () {

This is sending one text value to the Textbox but how I make it with multiple values?


var mytextbox = document.getElementById('textbox');
var mydropdown = document.getElementById('dropdownID');

mydropdown.onchange = function () {
mytextbox.value = mytextbox.value + this.value;

The second one is giving me in the
every value I select but not the text, how I can make it to diplay the text instead the value?

I am not that good with jquery.
Thank you very much!


You're close with your first solution. You just need to pass the .val() function its existing value as well, like this:

    $("#textbox").val($('#textbox').val() + ' ' +