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Regex for creating proper php array structure from text

I'm having a problem with proper regex expression for my case. So i have this "text" which i need to convert in to the PHP array with find an replace function in my code editor

$grid['added'][0][qwer'] = 'asda';
$grid['added'][0][tzui'] = 'asda';
$grid['added'][1][sdfg'] = 'asda';
$grid['added'][2][ghjk'] = 'asda';
$grid['added'][4][nbmh'] = 'asda';
$grid['added'][666][fghz'] = 'asda';

desired output

$grid['added'][0]['qwer'] = 'asda';
$grid['added'][0]['tzui'] = 'asda';
$grid['added'][1]['sdfg'] = 'asda';
$grid['added'][2]['ghjk'] = 'asda';
$grid['added'][4]['nbmh'] = 'asda';
$grid['added'][666]['fghz'] = 'asda';

So far i'm trying to fetch all numbers inside square brackets, then add that apostrophe but editor doesn't find any thing for the following regex.


So how should my regex look like so i can add that apostrophe to my "text" in order to have proper array structure for my code. If you need any additional information's, please let me know and i will provide. Thank you

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This finds any set of letters within square brackets, that may or may not have any quotes around it, and makes sure there are two quotes.

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