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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Can you recommend a good .NET web-based repository browser for SVN?

We have an SVN repository running on a Windows server, and I want to link internal documentation, feature changes, bugs and so on to code changes.

We've found WebSVN to be amazingly slow - the repository is too large for it (I think).

The team using it is primarily coding in C#, and while some have experience with other languages I'd really like a tool anyone on the team can maintain.

Most of the tools I've seen are based on PHP, Java, Python, etc. All languages the team could learn, but I'd rather something that uses the skills we already have.

Can you recommend a good web-based repository browser for SVN, ideally one that uses ASP.NET, SQL Server and that runs on IIS?

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Have a look at

It's Mongrel/Ruby/MySQL stack (should work on Windows though)

but I'm looking to avoid installing MySQL and Ruby on the server.

I know (also using C# stack myself), but self-hosted web-based SVN client market is such a small niche that even offering in different language could be considered good enough. MySQL doesn't bite and installation of Ruby is pretty much x-copy command. I understand why you don't want to spoil your server with additional software though, but if are OK to host your SVN repositories with third-party, you get a nice web-based interface without maintenance hassles.

I'm using (they also have some basic API to hook up on if needed).

Not to promote reinventing the wheel, but I originally wrote my own web SVN browser by using the svn log --xml command

This is actually good idea. I'm also parsing some XML formatted output during my automated build process, but creating our own full-blown SVN browser is kind of overkill because now you have to maintain not one primary project, but also the tool. But then again, we, programmers, love to create tools that will make working on our primary projects easier.

ASP.NET SVN browser sounds like promising open-source idea, anybody willing to start work on it? I would contribute.

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