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TypeScript Question

How to update typings.json and typing files?

My typings.json is like this:

"globalDependencies": {
"aws-sdk": "registry:dt/aws-sdk#0.0.0+20160606153210"
"dependencies": {
"lodash": "registry:npm/lodash#4.0.0+20160416211519"

Right now when I want to update, I need run all
typings install XXX --save

Any other way to update typings.json and typing files?

Is there something like
typings update

Answer Source

TypeScript 2.x solves the issue. TypeScript 2.x installs typings through npm, for example:

npm install --save-dev @types/node

So now the typings files are all in package.json with version like below, instead of typings.json.

"@types/node": "4.0.30"

Now you can update your typings like other npm packages.

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