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AngularJS Question

How to extract content of html tags from a string using javascript or angularjs?

I have a string containing content in some html tags and also some text alone.

It looks like this :

var str = "<p></p><p><i>blabla</i></p><p><i><b>blaaaaaablaaaaa</b></i></p><iframe src="..." height="111" width="333"></iframe><p></p><p><sub>hello blabla</sub></p><p><br></p><iframe src="..." height="444" width="888"></iframe>"

I would like to extract somehow in Javascript or AngularJS only some tag (including content and attributes) then put them into an array.

For example, if I want only
tag, I should have this :

var array = ["<iframe src='...' height='111' width='333'></iframe>", "<iframe src='...' height='444' width='888'></iframe>"];

If I want
tag then :

var array = ["", "<i>blabla</i>","<i><b>blaaaaaablaaaaa</b></i>","","<sub>hello blabla</sub>","<br>"];

Any suggestion ? Thanks !

NOTE : Don't give an answer using Jquery please !

Answer Source

You could create an angular element and get the text out of it.


$scope.array =[];
[].forEach.call($scope.eles, function (ctl) {

here is a demo: http://jsfiddle.net/Lvc0u55v/5122/

Edit To get all the html of the tag you can do:

    [].forEach.call($scope.eles, function (ctl) {

demo: http://jsfiddle.net/Lvc0u55v/5123/

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