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String.Encoding is not getting translated to NSStringEncoding in swift 3 to objective C conversion

Am converting my existing swift source code base to swift 3 and have a method in a swift class which was earlier returning NSStringEncoding. In swift 3, the compiler asks me to convert NSStringEncoding to String.Encoding. But this method is now not getting reflected in the objective-c's generated interface and now am not able to call this method in my objective-c classes.

This is a sample code snippet :

open class MyClass: NSObject{
open var textEncoding: String.Encoding { get { return self.getEncoding() } }

fileprivate func getEncoding() -> String.Encoding{
// some conversion code
return encoding

In an objective-c class,

-(void)demoFunc:(MyClass * _Nonnull)response{
(i) NSStringEncoding responseEncoding = response.textEncoding;

The compiler is throwing this error for the above line,

Property 'textEncoding' not found on object of type 'MyClass

How do I fix this issue as I cannot declare/use NSStringEncoding in swift file and in Objective C I cannot use String.Encoding ?

Answer Source

Foundation defines

typedef NSUInteger NSStringEncoding;
NS_ENUM(NSStringEncoding) {
    NSASCIIStringEncoding = 1,      /* 0..127 only */
    // ...

which is mapped to Swift as

extension String {
    public struct Encoding : RawRepresentable {
        public var rawValue: UInt
        // ...

So what you can do is to pass the raw value back to Objective-C:

open var textEncoding: UInt { return self.getEncoding().rawValue }
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