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Unable to read JPEG image using file)

I'm having problems reading this one JPEG file using file) - it throws an exception with the message "Unsupported Image Type".

I have tried other JPEG images, and they seem to work fine.

The only differance I've been able to spot is that this file seems to include a thumbnail - is that known to cause problems with

Troublesome image


Added the resulting image:

Strange colors

Answer Source

Your image "Color Model" is CMYK, JPEGImageReader (the inner class that reads your file) reads only RGB Color Model.

If you insist on reading CMYK images, then you will need to convert them, try this code.


Read a CMYK image into RGB BufferedImage.

    File f = new File("/path/imagefile.jpg");

    //Find a suitable ImageReader
    Iterator readers = ImageIO.getImageReadersByFormatName("JPEG");
    ImageReader reader = null;
    while(readers.hasNext()) {
        reader = (ImageReader);
        if(reader.canReadRaster()) {

    //Stream the image file (the original CMYK image)
    ImageInputStream input =   ImageIO.createImageInputStream(f); 

    //Read the image raster
    Raster raster = reader.readRaster(0, null); 

    //Create a new RGB image
    BufferedImage bi = new BufferedImage(raster.getWidth(), raster.getHeight(), 

    //Fill the new image with the old raster

UPDATE - March 2015 - Adding simulation images

Original images were removed from OP's dropbox. So I'm adding new images (not the originals) that simulates the problem that was happening with them.

First image is how a normal RGB image looks like.

Image RGB

Second image is how the same image will look like in CMYK color model.

You cannot actually see how it looks on the web because it will be converted to RGB by the host. To see exactly how it looks, take the RGB image and run it through an RGB to CMYK converter.

Third image is how the CMYK image will look like when read then written using Java ImageIO.

Image CMYK read through Java RGB

The problem that was happening with OP is they had something like image 2 which throws an exception when you try to read it.

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