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Python Question

How to get list of users in twitter trend hash

Is there any way to get all data from specific Twitter #Hashtag?
or maybe for one day data like how many peoples participated in that #Hash
or top 100 user who participated in that hash.

I tried twitter api but i am unable to get all and they said try firehose provider like GNIP, but i cant afford that.

If anyone know any free or cheap solution please share

Answer Source

Have you tried the Twit NPM Module for node.js? You could query using the Twitter API as follows with Twit:

//  search twitter for all tweets containing the word 'banana' since July 11, 2011
T.get('search/tweets', { q: 'banana since:2011-07-11', count: 100 }, function(err, data, response) {

Additionally, using Python there is the Twython library that also allows for querying utilizing a specific term: says it takes "q" and "result_type" amongst other arguments'twitter')'twitter', result_type='popular')
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