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Convert to np.array, some values automatically being divided

I'm converting a list of strings into a list of lists, and then converting that list into a np.array. The format of each list 5 element array within the np.array of arrays is [latitude, longitude, elevation, index, classifier]. The classifier is

if the elevation is above 0.00 (land) or
if the elevation is 0.00 (sea).

I've just noticed something strange, which is that list before being converted to an np.array has the correct values for each entry, ie:

[-33.765, 151.303, 49.227, 1373, 1],
[-33.765, 151.305, 0.0, 1374, 0]

where after being converted to an np.array, entries that have a classifier value of
(land) have been represented using e, whereas sea entries have remained the same, ie:

[ -33.792 151.402 0. 3635. 0. ]
[ -3.37950000e+01 1.50900000e+02 7.75430000e+01 3.63600000e+03

I'm not sure even where to begin to try to figure out why this could/would happen. Is this some functionality of numpy arrays that I don't yet understand?

It's just taking in a .txt file containing geodesic coords in this format:

-33.750 151.025 90.882

Answer Source

The e represents scientific notation. I am not sure why this only happens with the land case, but this StackOverflow question could be helpful in setting up numpy.set_print_options with suppress=True to force floating-point formatting.

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