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“could not inspect application package” Xcode

For some reason I imported some files in xcode (a third party SDK), and even if the app builds successfully I receive this error: Xcode Error Message: “could not inspect application package”. What does it mean? the app doesn't run on a real device but works on a simulator IOS...

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It sounds like the third party files might include compiled code which is not signed by you. If so, you can use iReSign to resign them using your own certificate. You can also use the command line:

codesign -f -s "iPhone Developer: Aaron Brager (XXXXXXXXXX)"

Replace the example identity with your own (you can man codesign to read more about this command).

You can circumvent this by not including the compiled code. It may not be necessary - are you including an example app which isn't necessary for the framework to function?

If this answer doesn't help, providing the name of the framework and showing which files you included would be helpful.

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