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PHP Question

PHP: parse JSON from jQuery

I'm trying to parse a simple

string, but I'm not used to do it from
. To do my test I've written a page where the data is created; sends request to PHP page to do some tests.

How can I access the JSON data from PHP and have it returned back?

The string from jQuery:

var json_str = '{"id_list":[{"id":"2","checked":"true"},{"id":"1","checked":"false"}]}';
"id_list": [
"id": "2",
"checked": "true"
"id": "1",
"checked": "false"
$.post ("php_json_parser.php", { data_to_send:json_str }, function (data_back) {
alert (data_back);

PHP page:


$data_back = json_decode (stripslashes($_REQUEST['data_to_send']), true);
print $data_back->{'id_list'[0]["id"]}; //??? how can I access to properties?


Answer Source

json_decode with the second parameter set to true turns the JSON item into a php array.

So to access the element in your example, you'de use

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