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Java Question

Sentiment Analysis java Library

I have some unlabeled microblogging posts and I want to create a sentiment analysis module.

To do this I have try Stanford library and Alchemy Api web service but the result it is not very good. For now I don't want training my classifier.

So I would like to suggest me some libraries or some web services about that. I would prefer a tested Library. The language of this posts is English. Also the preprocessing has been done.


The programing language that I use is Java EE

Answer Source

If you want a good sentiment analysis service and you don't want to train your own classifier, you have to pay for it. However, it's worth mentioning that don't exist perfect tools in this field. There aren't tools that guarantee 100% of accuracy in their analysis.

Having said that, a couple of months ago I played around with Semantria/Lexalytics. They have a straightforward Java SDK and a good accuracy on their sentiment analysis results.

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