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Redux-Form repeatable field

I am using Redux-Form v.5.2.3. I have a text input that needs to be repeated x number of times, depending on how many times a user clicks a button.
Currently, because I am generating the same input field with the same field name, it does not work. When I type something on one input, it automatically types the same thing in the other inputs - that is because of the same name.

I am thinking of generating a unique id and appending that to the field 'name' - for example :

Original field:


<input type="text" {}>

2nd Field - generated after the button press:

<input type="text" {...name2}>

X field - generated after x button presses:

<input type="text" {...nameX}>

Any ideas if that works and an example how to implement?

Thanks in advance

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I would check out deep forms in the RF docs.

Trying to figure this out as well, but from what I understand, you can define an array of fields by using the [] notation.

export const fields = [

Then you add additional fields by using addField(value?, index?). You can then access each field by treating as the array of name fields.

For your case, I think it should look something like

  {, index) => (
    <input key={index} type="text" {...field} />