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Testing an Entity Framework database connection

I have an app that connects to a MYSQL database through the entity framework. It works 100% perfectly, but I would like to add a small piece of code that will test the connection to the database upon app startup.

I had the idea of simply running a tiny command to the database and catching any exceptions, however if there is a problem (eg App.Config missing or Database server down) the app takes a huge amount of time to run this code and then throw the exception (~1 min). I imagine this is due to connection timeouts etc but I have fiddled with such properties to no avail.

Would anyone be able to assist with any ideas as to where to go?


Answer Source

Are you just wanting to see if the DB connection is valid. If so take a look at the

using (DatabaseContext dbContext = new DatabaseContext())

and for checking if a server machine is up, DB server or web services server , try this:

public PingReply Send( string hostNameOrAddress )

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