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PHP Question

Getting data from multiple tables into single row while

I'm trying to retrieve data from 2 tables and combine multiple rows into a single while loop


post_id content
------ -------
1 content1
2 content2
3 content3
4 content4


id post_id content
------ ------ ------
1 1 Wharton university
1 2 Yale University

sql code I write

mysqli_query( $connect, "SELECT * FROM `posts`
INNER JOIN comments ON posts.post_id = comments.post_id ORDER BY 1 DESC");

The problem I'm only getting post id 1 and 2. while there are over 30 posts

I want to get all posts and comments for each post in a single while loop.

How can I do it ?

Answer Source

Your INNER join is taking the union of both tables on the post_id field. You need a LEFT join instead of an INNER join. The LEFT join will give you all the results from the first table.

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