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MySQL Question

How to use bind_result() instead of get_result() in php

I'm working on a project for uni and have been using the following code on a

testing server
get all devices
from a table based on a

public function getAllDevices($user_id) {
$stmt = $this->conn->prepare("SELECT * FROM devices WHERE primary_owner_id = ?");
$stmt->bind_param("i", $user_id);
$devices = $stmt->get_result();
return $devices;

This worked fine on my testing server but returns this error when migrating over to the university project server:

Call to undefined method mysqli_stmt::get_result()

Some googling suggests using
instead of
but I have no idea how to do this
all fields
in the table. Most examples only show returning
one field

Any help would be much appreciated


Assuming you can't use get_result() and you want an array of devices, you could do:

public function getAllDevices($user_id) {
    $stmt = $this->conn->prepare("SELECT device_id, device_name, device_info FROM devices WHERE  primary_owner_id = ?");
    $stmt->bind_param("i", $user_id);
    $stmt->bind_result($id, $name, $info);
    $devices = array();

    while($stmt->fetch()) {
        $tmp = array();
        $tmp["id"] = $id;
        $tmp["name"] = $name;
        $tmp["info"] = $info;
        array_push($devices, $tmp);
    return $devices;

This creates a temporary array and stores the data from each row in it, and then pushes it to the main array. As far as I'm aware, you can't use SELECT * in bind_result(). Instead, you will annoyingly have to type out all the fields you want after SELECT