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ASP.NET (C#) Question

How to change time zone for an asp.net application

I need to set default timezone for my ASP.NET to Asia/Dhaka or GMT+6 timezone. But i cannot find a way to change it globally. There is a lot of reference on Stackoverflow and rest of the web for doing this by getting timezone info and calculating correct time for each time i need a DateTime object.

But trust me, I don't want to do this in this way. So dont give me any suggestion like that. I want to set the timezone to Asia/Dhaka or GMT+6 preferably from web.config. (Similar we do in php with php.ini) So that each time i need DateTime object the time is evaluated with my timezone no matter what the timezone is for server.

Is this possible? If possible then how??
Thanks in advance for the solution :)

Answer Source

Sorry there is no way in .NET to change the time zone globally.

The only way you have is to change the timezone of your server or rewrite all of your code.

The best practice is to not rely on the system time zone at all (never use DateTime.Now).

You should handle all date as Utc dates and then convert to a specific zone when displaying them to users.

Even if you manage to handle timezones in your ASP.NET application, there are still timezones on SQL Server, for example GETTIME funtion. If your application is entirely written in UTC, your SQL server function will work as well.

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