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How to Know Gitolite Version?

I Want to know Version of Gitolite Version Which we are Using ..I tried with method Provided By SitaRam Sir Documentation. Note that i dont have any shell access to gitolite/git Server?

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Since you don't have access to the server, you should be able to make a simple request (http or ssh) to gitolite, and you would get a greeting message which includes the gitolite message.

# normal output
return "hello$gl_user, this is " . ( $ENV{USER} || "httpd" ) . "\@$hn running gitolite3 " . version() . " on git $gv\n";

For example:

ssh git@server info
hello u3, this is git@server running gitolite3 v3.0-11-g090b0f5 on git
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