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How does role=form help accessibility?

I have read that the

attribute was added to Bootstrap for accessibility, and I would like to know how
<form role="form">
helps accessibility. See for an example of this specific usage.

I searched Bootstrap's repo for "role" to no avail.

My issue is that the information seems redundant. The notion that the element is a form is already expressed by the HTML tag itself (
), so what does it help if we also add that the element is playing the
? It would make sense to add
was going to be different than
(I don't know what - but let's pretend); as it stands (especially without concrete reasoning / use case examples), it is puzzling at best.

Answer Source

If you add a role="form" to a form, a screen reader sees it as a region on a webpage. That means that a user can easily jump to the form with his/her region quick navigation keys (for example, in JAWS 15 you use R for this). And also, your user will be able to easily find where the form starts and ends because screen readers mark start and end of regions.