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Python Question

Removing Brackets in Python

how would I remove the brackets and place the coordinates into x and y from a list in python?


if i input


It would return

for x: 2,3,4 and for y: 1,1,2

Answer Source

You can use zip with *:

a = ([(2,1),(3,1),(4,2)])  # ie, a list of x,y pairs

x, y = zip(*a)    # x = (2, 3, 4)  and y = (1, 1, 2),

This is basically two steps in one line. The first is that zip changes [(2,1),(3,1),(4,2)] into ((2, 3, 4), (1, 1, 2)) (which is the step of the similar question). Then this tuple, which is now a pair of tuples, is unwrapped into x and y.

This specific idiom, of unzipping a list of (x,y) pairs into a pair of lists of x and y data, is so common and useful that I'm leaving it posted even though there's an answer to a previous question that only does the unzip.

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