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Python Create List of Words Per Sentence and Calculate Mean and Place in CSV File

I'm looking to count the number of words per sentence, calculate the mean words per sentence, and put that info into a CSV file. Here's what I have so far. I probably just need to know how to count the number of words before a period. I might be able to figure it out from there.

#Read the data in the text file as a string
with open("PrideAndPrejudice.txt") as pride_file:
pnp =

#Change '!' and '?' to '.'
for ch in ['!','?']:
if ch in pnp:
pnp = pnp.replace(ch,".")

#Remove period after Dr., Mr., Mrs. (choosing not to include etc. as that often ends a sentence although in can also be in the middle)
pnp = pnp.replace("Dr.","Dr")
pnp = pnp.replace("Mr.","Mr")
pnp = pnp.replace("Mrs.","Mrs")

Answer Source

To split a string into a list of strings on some character:

pnp = pnp.split('.')

Then we can split each of those sentences into a list of strings (words)

pnp = [sentence.split() for sentence in pnp]

Then we get the number of words in each sentence

pnp = [len(sentence) for sentence in pnp]

Then we can use statistics.mean to calculate the mean:


To use statistics you must put import statistics at the top of your file. If you don't recognize the ways I'm reassigning pnp, look up list comprehensions.

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