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How To Make This Border Example

<link href="Border.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"/>
<table border="1">
<td rowspan="2">Today's Opinion Poll Question</td>
<td colspan="3">Political party</td>
<td rowspan="3">Do you favor or oppose increasing the minimum wage?"</td>

I'm trying to make a table that looks exactly like the photo I posted, but I'm having a hard time to get it right and I dont know why. Can someone please explain to me how you make this border in detail? I have a hard time putting Favor, Oppose, and Unsure correctly can someone explain to me what I'm doing wrong? Thank you. border example

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The only thing that seems to be missing is expanding the "Today's Opinion Poll Question" over 2 columns. Add colspan="2" attribute to that cell ie:

<td rowspan="2" colspan="2">Today's Opinion Poll Question</td>