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Swift Question

Mutability of the Iterator Element in a For-In loop with an Array in Swift

I have some code in Swift 3.0 like so for trying to update the property in a array of elements...

for point in listOfPoints {
var pointInFrame : Float = Float(point.position.x * sensorIncomingViewPortSize.width) + Float(point.position.y)
point.status = getUpdateStatus( pointInFrame )

However I get a compile error of:
'Cannot assign to property: 'point' is a 'let' constant' [for line 3]

Is there anyway to make the iterator (point) mutable in Swift, like how you can use 'inout' for a function parameter?

Or are you supposed to do this task another way?

Thanks in Advance.


Answer Source

Just change it to var instead of let where you declare point. let is a constant.

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