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C# Question

Passing variable type to generic method

I have a generic method :

public static T GetSetting<T>(string Key){

Which returns a setting value from database.
Now I'm trying to make it fill the class automatically with Settings:

public static T GetAllSettings<T>(this T m)
FieldInfo[] fields = typeof(T).GetFields(BindingFlags.Public);
foreach(FieldInfo f in fields)
f.SetValue(m, User.GetSetting<f.FieldType>(f.Name), null);
// ~ <=Error in here

But I'm getting the error:

'f' is a variable but is used like a type

Well I'm actually getting the
FieldType and not the


Since SetValue() already expects an Object as the parameter, you could simply pass object as the generic parameter of SetMethod():

f.SetValue(m, User.GetSetting<object>(f.Name), null);