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Android Studio 1.5 - How to display javadoc for google play services in AS

Currently, I am using google play services for my project. Everything works fine, but if I open the javadoc for e.g. the GoogleApiClient it only displays the method signature and no further documentation.

It is possible to display those documentations in Android Studio 1.5 for e.g. google play services?

If so, what settings need to be done?

Answer Source
  1. Right click in Project panel > External libraries > lib-name
  2. Click Library properties Lib props
  3. Click specify documentation URL
  4. And specify an URL. For my machine it was file:///opt/android-sdk/extras/google/google_play_services/docs/reference or as @Benjamin suggested in the comments, add http://developer.android.com/reference/ as source, for online documentation lookup. Add doc url
  5. The result was: added jdoc
  6. And after a project sync I could browse the javadoc of the google play services google play services maps javadoc
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