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How to check many variables in Python if not null?

I'm writing a python scraper code for OpenData and I have one question about : how to check if all values aren't filled in site and if it is null change value to null.

My scraper is here.

Currently I'm working on it to optimalize.

My variables now look like:

evcisloval = soup.find_all('td')[3].text.strip()
prinalezival = soup.find_all('td')[5].text.strip()
popisfaplnenia = soup.find_all('td')[7].text.replace('\"', '')
hodnotafaplnenia = soup.find_all('td')[9].text[:-1].replace(",", ".").replace(" ", "")
datumdfa = soup.find_all('td')[11].text
datumzfa = soup.find_all('td')[13].text
formazaplatenia = soup.find_all('td')[15].text
obchmenonazov = soup.find_all('td')[17].text
sidlofirmy = soup.find_all('td')[19].text
pravnaforma = soup.find_all('td')[21].text
sudregistracie = soup.find_all('td')[23].text
ico = soup.find_all('td')[25].text
dic = soup.find_all('td')[27].text
cislouctu = soup.find_all('td')[29].text

And Output :["invoice_id"],
data={ "invoice_id":number,

I googled it but without success.

Answer Source

Just read your attached link, and it seems what you want is

evcisloval = soup.find_all('td')[3].text.strip() or "NULL"

But be careful. You should only do this with strings. If the part before or is either empty or False or None, or 0, they will all be replaced with "NULL"

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