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How properly to throttle access to DocumentDb from WebJobs

I have an Azure WebKob with blob and queue triggers to save data to Azure DocumentDb.

From time to time I'm getting an error:

Microsoft.Azure.Documents.RequestRateTooLargeException: Message: {"Errors":["Request rate is large"]}

Currently I throttle requests using this code. A WebJob function:

public async Task ParseCategoriesFromCsv(...)
double find = 2.23, add = 5.9, replace = 10.67;
double requestCharge = Math.Round(find + Math.Max(add, replace));

await categoryProvider.SaveCategories(requestCharge , categories);

Category provider to manipulate document db client:

public async Task<ResourceResponse<Document>[]> SaveCategories(double requestCharge, Category[] categories)
var requestDelay = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(60.0 / (collectionOptions.RequestUnits / requestCharge));

var scheduler = new IntervalTaskScheduler(requestDelay, Scheduler.Default); // Rx

var client = new DocumentClient(endpoint, authorizationKey,
new ConnectionPolicy
ConnectionMode = documentDbOptions.ConnectionMode,
ConnectionProtocol = documentDbOptions.ConnectionProtocol

return await Task.WhenAll(documents.Select(async d =>
await scheduler.ScheduleTask(
() => client.PutDocumentToDb(collectionOptions.CollectionLink, d.SearchIndex, d))));

Task scheduler to throttle/measure/synchronize requests:

private readonly Subject<Action> _requests = new Subject<Action>();
private readonly IDisposable _observable;

public IntervalTaskScheduler(TimeSpan requestDelay, IScheduler scheduler)
_observable = _requests.Select(i => Observable.Empty<Action>()
.Subscribe(action => action());

public Task<T> ScheduleTask<T>(Func<Task<T>> request)
var tcs = new TaskCompletionSource<T>();
_requests.OnNext(async () =>
T result = await request();
catch (Exception ex)
return tcs.Task;

So it's basically a number of constants from

  • When I have 1 queue triggered it works fine but when 8 queue it throws an error.

  • If increase request charge in 8 times then 8 queues work fine but just 1 works 8 times slower than it could.

What a throttling/measuring/synchronization mechanism could work here well?

Answer Source

When getting a 429 (Request rate too large) the response tells you how long to wait. There is a header x-ms-retry-after. This has a value. Wait for that time period in ms.

catch (AggregateException ex) when (ex.InnerException is DocumentClientException)
    DocumentClientException dce = (DocumentClientException)ex.InnerException;
    switch ((int)dce.StatusCode)
        case 429:

             Console.WriteLine("  Failed: {0}", ex.InnerException.Message);
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