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Python Question

How do you remove the column name row from a pandas DataFrame?

Say I import the following excel spreadsheet into a df

Val1 Val2 Val3
1 2 3
5 6 7
9 1 2

How do I delete the column name row (in this case Val1, Val2, Val3) so that I can export a csv with no column names, just the data?

I have tried df.drop and df.ix[1:] and have not been successful with either.

Answer Source

You can write to csv without the header using header=False and without the index using index=False. If desired, you also can modify the separator using sep.

CSV example with no header row, omitting the header row:

df.to_csv('filename.csv', header=False)

TSV (tab-separated) example, omitting the index column:

df.to_csv('filename.tsv', sep='\t', index=False)
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