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Truncate string in Laravel blade templates

Is there a truncate modifier for the blade templates in Laravel, pretty much like Smarty?

I know I could just write out the actual php in the template but i'm looking for something a little nicer to write (let's not get into the whole PHP is a templating engine debate).

So for example i'm looking for something like:

{{ $myVariable|truncate:"10":"..." }}

I know I could use something like Twig via composer but I'm hoping for built in functionality in Laravel itself.

If not is it possible to create your own reusable modifiers like Smarty provides. I like the fact that Blade doesn’t overkill with all the syntax but I think truncate is a real handy function to have.

I'm using Laravel 4.

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Edit: This answer is was posted during the Laravel 4 beta, when Str class did not exist. There is now a better way to do it in Laravel 4 - which is Dustin's answer below.

Blade itself does not have that functionality.

In Laravel 3 there was the Str class - which you could do:

{{ Str::limit($myVariable, 10) }}

At this stage I do not believe the Str class is in Laravel 4 - but here is a port of it that you can include in composer to add to your own project

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