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Android Studio (adb) stopped to see my device (Mac)

I have Nexus 7 tablet, and Android Studio, and I was able to see my tablet yesterday or two days before, but since yesterday or today when I connect this device, I dont see it in devices list when I want to run my application.

I tried to quit Android Studio, I tried to kill adb (ps -e | grep adb then
kill -9 pid_adb) and it seems killing of adb had an effect, because AS window when one selects the deployment target was displaying message "initializing adb", but still I dont see my device. I also tried to turn off and turn on my tablet, nothing worked.

I tried to disconnect and reconnect USB cable, I tried to restart Mac.

I also tried to turn off and turn on the Developer debugging in tablet settings.

This tablet runs Android 5.1.1. I have two more devices (Android 4.4 and Android 6) and both are visible.

I am using Mac (from my experience Mac is better to detect USB devices than Windows btw).

What could be problem that in Tablet's notifications i see that there is pending system update ready - to Android 5.1.1 - "downloaded and verified, click to restart and install" which is strange because in system info i already see 5.1.1. So if the pending installation could block the USB debugging i dont know.

Does anybody know why i stopped to see my device, what could be the problem?


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Probably obvious but did you try:

Restarting adb using server commands:

adb kill-server
adb start-server

Use a known good USB cable ie. one that works for the other devices as a worn cable can stop working.

Make sure when you turn developer options on (on the device) that you also turn on USB Debugging. USB debugging icon should be a persistent notification on the phone.

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