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Private/Internal not Mapping

I have a strange issue that i've never encountered.

I have 2 classes:

Parent Class:

public class ParentClass
private int? _clientType;

internal int? Client_Type_
get { return _clientType; }
set { _clientType = value; }

public string Company_Name{ get; set; }

public string Client_Type
get { return MyDictionary[_clientType.GetValueOrDefault(0)];

Child Class:

public class ChildClass : ParentClass
public string Full_Name { get; set; }

I am defining the mapping in my Unity IoC container as such:

var config = new MapperConfiguration(cfg =>
cfg.CreateMap<ParentClass, ChildClass>();

IMapper mapper = config.CreateMapper();


and in my code I am mapping as such:

var parentClass = GetParentClass();
var mappedClass = _mapper.Map<ChildClass>(parentClass);

The strange thing is... I can check the values of parentClass and all of the values that I have initially passed into my model (parentClass) are there. However, when it maps to the new object (childClass) - Company Name sticks... but _clientType and Client_Type_ are null (which ultimately affects Client_Type).

Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?

Answer Source

If you are using AutoMapper, you must set ShouldMapProperty in initializer to appropriate value.

This is done like this:

Mapper.Initialize(cfg =>
     cfg.ShouldMapProperty = p => p.GetMethod.IsPublic || p.GetMethod.IsAssembly;
     cfg.CreateMap<Source, Destination>();