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How to get data from inspect element of a webpage using Python

I'd like to get the data from inspect element using Python. I'm able to download the source code using BeautifulSoup but now I need the text from inspect element of a webpage. I'd truly appreciate if you could advise me how to do it.

By inspect element I mean, in google chrome, right click gives us an option called inspect element which has code related to each element of that particular page. I'd like to extract that code/ just its text strings.

Answer Source

If you want to automatically fetch a web page from Python in a way that runs Javascript, you should look into Selenium. It can automatically drive a web browser (even a headless web browser such as PhantomJS, so you don't have to have a window open).

In order to get the HTML, you'll need to evaluate some javascript. Simple sample code, alter to suit:

from selenium import webdriver

driver = webdriver.PhantomJS()

# This will get the initial html - before javascript
html1 = driver.page_source

# This will get the html after on-load javascript
html2 = driver.execute_script("return document.documentElement.innerHTML;")

Note 1: If you want a specific element or elements, you actually have a couple of options -- parse the HTML in Python, or write more specific JavaScript that returns what you want.

Note 2: if you actually need specific information from Chrome's tools that is not just dynamically generated HTML, you'll need a way to hook into Chrome itself. No way around that.

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