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Symfony 2: "No route found for "GET /" - error on fresh installation

I'm trying to begin my education of symfony 2 and started with its tutorial. One of first things i tried is to install symfony 2 and configure it.
When i'm trying to access i'm getting incomplete site with error:

ERROR - Uncaught PHP Exception Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Exception\NotFoundHttpException: "No route found for "GET /"" at /home/spectator/webprojects/cls/app/cache/dev/classes.php line 2059

Things i've tried so far: clearing cache (php app/console cache:clear --env=prod --no-debug), recursively changing permissions to folder cls (symfony 2 folder) to 775 and even 777 (for diagnostics purposes), adding "/" route to routing.yml and routing_dev.yml, reinstalling and re-chmod symfony 2.

Answer Source

Try http://localhost:8000/app/example

Fresh installation has no routes for the root path "/"

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