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How to Solve Low Disk Space for Android Studio?

I am getting this error randomly and not sure as to why my disk space is getting low for Android Studio..

Low disk space on a Android Studio system directory partition


This Application is installed on a mac running 10.10.1 w/ 251GB internal storage and an OS restore Drive taking 10GB.

I think the problem is, once the application was installed it was placed on the smaller partition.

I will attempt to remove this application and all files associated to it, and reinstall. Hopefully this will solve the issue.

Answer Source

You can install studio and SDK separately into different partitions:

Or you can move your existing SDK folder anywhere and then just point studio to it in preferences.

Also consider that AVD files are actually stored in your system user folder (user/.android/avd on Windows, not sure where exactly on mac), not in SDK folder.

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