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Javascript Question

jQuery UI breaks Visual Studio 2015 Intellisense

I am finding a frustrating issue with JavaScript intellisense where if I include jQuery UI in my

file I lose all JavaScript intellisense. Does anyone know if there is a way to fix this problem beyond removing jQuery UI from the


  • I do know that more files in the
    file will cause it to slow down, that makes sense. However, I have projects at work which include far more files (on the order of 600) with no typesense issues, and my project has 20. So it's not a matter of "too many files."

  • I pulled my project from Git to a separate computer (therefore separate installation of VS15) and tried including the jQuery UI file and this still caused the loss of intellisense in my project.

    • It can't be an installation issue since other work projects include jQuery UI and there are no intellisense issues

  • I do realize that I can manually manage
    to accomplish the task, but I would like to fix it altogether since I hate needing to add information twice (create the JS file and then update

With this new information, I'm thinking it must be some type of deeper issue in my project's setup that is causing the issue as opposed to an installation based issue or jQuery UI specific issue. Does anyone have any ideas on what settings in a .sln or .csproj file might cause JS Intellisense issues?

Answer Source

For those who experience this issue, I found that using jQuery 3.x was causing instellisense to break when jQuery UI was included in _references.js. My solution was using NuGet to change back to version 2.2.4 and everything started to work fine again.

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