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Java Question

Looking for an encrypt/decrypt AES example for Android

As I am new to encryption and particularly in Java/Android, I am struggling to find tutorials and code that work fine so that I can learn from them but the results.

As in this site:

I couldn't find the problem that hit me with

class, which seems to be inside package a sun.utils but I can find
class but I could not tweak code so that it could work for me.

Similarly in this

android encryption/decryption with AES

The encryption is done in
Bitmap Image
I could not realize the same technique in normal text string.

Would someone supply a simple AES encryption/decryption example in Android just showing how to use key,message, encryption and decryption?

Answer Source

The encryption and decryption process worked fine after: I replaced the byte array obtained from :

Bitmap by byte array of message string as instructed in

android encryption/decryption with AES

So even though my problem is not fully solved, this question should be marked as answered.

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