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jQuery Question

What's the best jQuery "click a thumbnail and change the main image" module?

Here's what I have (all generated dynamically, if that makes a difference) :

  • A list of images

  • A caption for each image

  • A thumbnail for each image

The page should load with one full-size image and all the thumbnails. When a user clicks a thumbnail, the full-size image shows that new image with its caption. If they click another thumbnail, the picture (and caption) change again.

It's not very complex. I hacked together a solution a few months ago, but I need to do it again and I'm looking at this crappy code and thinking that there has to be a better way (and knowing jQuery, someone else has already done it, and done it well).

Thoughts? Links?


Answer Source

Here's one that looks pretty nice and is written in jQuery: Photo Slider

And here is another which I like a bit better: Galleria

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