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AngularJS Question

Angularjs search product by price (from price to price)

I'm trying to add filter for searching the product by

from price to price
. I have following array in json format as
in the controller.


And below is the loop in html

<ul class="items">
<li ng-repeat="product in products | filter:{product_name: findname} | sizeFilter:(size_arr|filter:{on:true})" >
<strong>{{product.product_name | CapsFirst}}</strong>

In the view I want to add two input fields for searching the products by price.

<input type="number" ng-model="from_price" />
<input type="number" ng-model="to_price" />

Can anyone guide me that I can develop in proper way. I've searched about it but couldn't found a tutorial, I'm not expertise in angularjs. Thank You.

Answer Source

Here's an example on plunkr of what you've been asking for. I have added a product name in order to distinguish them, try it.

app.filter('sizeFilter', [function() {
    return function(values, config) {
      if (config.enabled) {
        var filterResult = [];
        angular.forEach(values, function(value) {
          if (value.product_price >= config.from_price && value.product_price <= config.to_price) {
        return filterResult;
      return values;
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