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AngularJS Question

How do I passing string to another page with $stateParams?

I'm using angular 1.5.x & babel. I want to passing a string in 1st page and then showing it in 2nd page.
I have these 2 states:

1st state

templateUrl: 'outside.html',
controller: 'outsideCtrl'

2nd state

templateUrl: 'inside.html',
controller: 'insideCtrl'

my 2nd controller look like this.

constructor($stateParams) {
this.Building : $stateParams.building;

1st html

<a ui-sref="inside ({building: 'castle'})"> castle </a>
<a ui-sref="inside ({building: 'blacksmith'})"> castle </a>

2nd html

<p>Okay, now you are in a {{insideCtrl.Building}} </p>

I still get it wrong because of the building is undefined, and also is it possible to passing a string ?
thank you

Answer Source

You can do it like this.

add the param attribute in your state.

 templateUrl: 'inside.html',
 controller: 'insideCtrl',
 params: {
           building: ""

in html, change ui-sref like below

ui-sref="inside({building : yourstringvaluevariable})"

in the second controller receive the parameter like this.

var newBuilding = $state.params.building; 
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