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C Question

How should I use sscanf() to break the line into fields?

How to use

to separate input? here I have a
to find input. I checked that input before and it is correct, which means it can read one line you input if you don't end the file. Then I was trying to separate what you input by using

  • First field is a char array with no length limit

  • The second field is a char array with length limit

  • The third field is a integer

What I want is if I input, for example:

bd_21 abs 124 32152 23415

Then it will print out
bd_21 abs 124
because I only
the first three elements and put them into the fields I specify. But when I run this, it shows

segmentation fault: 11.

I don't know what is wrong here. Can anyone explain how to use
to break lines?

My Code:

int main() {
char *input = NULL;
size_t len = 0;
char *field1 = NULL;
char field2[33];
int field3;
while(getline(&input, &len, stdin) != EOF){
//printf("%s", input);
sscanf(input, "%s %32s %d", field1, field2, &field3);
printf("%s %s %d\n", field1, field2, field3);
return 0;

Answer Source

It will crash. allocate memory for field1.

 char *field1 = NULL;
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