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AngularJS Question

deep copy does not work, shallow copy works fine

Would anyone know why the deep copy does not work in my case, the shallow copy/assignment works just fine:

vm.category = null;

$http.get("/api/category/" + vm.categoryId)
.then(function (response) {
//does not work
angular.copy(, vm.category);
//works just fine
vm.category =;
}, function (error) {
vm.errorMsg = "There was an error retrieving category data: " + error;

This method for deep copy works fine:

vm.category = angular.copy(;


angular.copy(, vm.category);

does not work?

Answer Source

From the documentation:

angular.copy(source, [destination]);
destination (optional) Destination into which the source is copied. If provided, must be of the same type as source.

In angular.copy(, vm.category); your source seems to be an array or an object, but the destination, vm.category, is neither an array or an object; it's null.

Try initializing vm.category to [] or {} - to match the type of

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