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Groovy Question

Groovydoc produces blank documents

I'm writing a class in Groovy, and I want to generate Groovydoc for it (from the command line). In my class, I've written documentation for the methods like this:

* Returns blah blah blah
def getFoo(){

But when I run
groovydoc -classpath C:\groovyStuff\ -d . *.groovy

It generates the HTML template, but no actual content.

What have I done wrong?

Answer Source

If the root of your source tree is c:\groovyStuff\ you can use something like this...

groovydoc -sourcepath c:\groovyStuff -d . com.somepackage

The -d . is a little peculiar because that is going to put the generated files in the current directory. That is what you used in your example but maybe you want something like -d output or something similar.

Does that help?

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