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Javascript Question

Initialize array with variables: Unexpected token +

I created a simple function which should initialize an array and return one random element from it everytime when the function is called.

function test(str)
var myArray =
"Test1 "+ str + " Test1",
"Test2 "+ str+ " Test2"

return myArray[Math.random()*myArray.length+0];


But I get
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token +

Answer Source

Here in your code myArray is not an array,

function test(str){
    var myArray = ["Test1 " + str + " Test1","Test2 " + str + " Test2"] 
    return myArray[(Math.random() * myArray.length) | 0];

| This is bit wise OR operator. When doing operand1 | operand2, both the operands will get converted to base 2 that is binary and performs the OR operation over it. Finally the result will get converted back to the original base. Hence the decimal points will be removed.