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align branch labels of r plylo plot

When plotting a phylogenetic using

, tip labels are not fully aligned. Here's my code and an image to show this issue:

par(lty= 1)
ape::plot.phylo(phylotree, align.tip.label= T, label.offset = 1, no.margin = T, cex= .55)

enter image description here

Tip alignment can be controlled using the argument
align.tip.label= TRUE
. However, tip extensions are drawn as dashed lines even after setting par(lty=1). Is there a way to get continuous lines?
My phylotree: tree

As an aside. Font size seems to disturb perfect branch spread. Can it be increased without causing labels to clutter?

Answer Source

Download my.plot.phylo.r here and save it in your working directory.
Then, run the following code:

my.plot.phylo(phylotree, align.tip.label= T, label.offset = 1, 
              no.margin = T, cex= .8, font=10)

enter image description here