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Replace \n with <br> in JSON string

I have a function to grab text data as JSON, which then is stringified.
I'm trying to display this data in a modal in my web application, however the string appears in the HTML like this:

{"body":"---\nbl_playout_user: BLplayout\n\n# Playout config
'I:'\nbl_playout_machine_role: Primary\nbl_playout_network_name:
ABC1\nbl_playout_stand_alone_mode: 0\nbl_playout_run_mode:
HD\nbl_playout_format: AJA\nbl_playout_resolution:
720P\nbl_playout_logo_override: ABC\nbl_playout_default_header:
BottomLine\nbl_playout_sponsor_on: 15000\nbl_playout_sponsor_off:
60000\nbl_playout_media_ball_on: 15000\nbl_playout_media_ball_off:
15000\nbl_playout_page_engine_working_directory: '{{
}}\SC14_Templates'\nbl_playout_schema_file_path: '{{
}}\SC14_Templates\BLMaster.xsd'\nbl_playout_default_swatch_path: '{{
'{{ bl_templates_root_dir

I would like the instances of
to be replaced with a
so it shows up properly in the HTML, however my function doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Any ideas as to why? I'm very stumped.

var stringData = JSON.stringify(data);
stringData = stringData.replace(new RegExp('\r?\n','g'), '<br />');
return stringData;

Answer Source

based on comments and building on other answer..

var json = JSON.parse(stringData);
json.body = body = json.body.replace(/\n/g, "<br />");

// and then if you needed it in a string you can do this again
stringData = JSON.stringify(json);
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